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A Moment’s Echo

We’ve all seen the old guys who show up in multi-pocket vests & set up 3 or more light stands in the middle of the venue. Its an eye soar, in some cases it can be intimidating and it doesn’t feel organic. Worst of all, they don’t even look like they want to be there. They are very clearly there for a pay check. You are paying too-much for a photographer who is “seasoned” and can take pretty good photos, but thats it. 

This leaves clients with a corner eye distraction and a bit of pocket remorse.

We are a group of experience driven photographers that know how to make smiles, not request them. We care about you and your event & just want to be part of making it even more special.

Don’t just hire a photographer, hire us. 



Client Testimonials

“I know from experience how much dedication, love and effort Michael puts into his work so I definitely recommend AME to capture your events and turn them into magical memories that will last a lifetime.”

“Mike is very professional, easy to coordinate with & very attentive with his clients. My experience with him was great & the quality of pictures I received were top notch professional. I would absolutely work with him again.“

“Michael is very dedicated to photography. Client satisfaction is definitely top priority. As you work with him, you will quickly realize that he is a hard worker and that he always aims for the highest quality work!.“

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Michael a couple times over the last few years, and am nothing short of amazed by his drive, creativity, and work ethic when it comes to telling a story through his images.“

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