Promoting Positivity: Make The Best Of It

stay positive in order to achieve your goals


This is a short one but an important one. How much of an effort are you putting forward every day to stay positive and find solutions? I can tell you right now that it has been far more effective for me than staying negative and lingering in the mistakes. I have a few examples that I am going to leave you with that will hopefully have you buying in and skipping down the path of positivity.

Last rewind to a couple of years ago. A young and ambitious Michael just looking to take the world by storm. Reached out to a brand and asked to shoot for them, they agreed, I booked the studio and booked the model. Shoot day arrives and everything is going to plan. The model has arrived, clothes are on the rack, the backdrop is set and the lighting is almost completely set up... almost. Let me tell you, I showed up to my shoot without flash triggers. After searching extensively and looking for alternative ways to trigger the flashes without utilizing my on-camera flash, I had an idea. You see, the studio I was shooting in had a massive window setup along the back wall. I pulled back the curtains, pulled up the backdrop and found a V-flat. The result was a collection of shots that I was super proud of.

The next example is from earlier this year. I had been partying the night before with a small group of friends in Waterloo. Silly me stayed up far too late (5 am) and needed to wake up way too early (7 am). For convenience sake, I fell asleep at a friends house that the party was held in. The issue was that my car was 7 KM away in the other part of town. I woke up to a dead cell phone, a lost pair of glasses (still not found) and many drunk/passed out millennials scattered around. The major issue is the reason I needed to wake up so early to begin with. I have a project titled 'In My Head' and it revolves around collaborating with multiple talented individuals (ie. MUAs, models, stylists, etc) to create really cool and interesting portraits. Now, I needed to be at the MUA's (makeup artist) studio with the model by 9 am! After an hour of non-stop running in my very bloody John Maddens, I had arrived at my car. I needed to set aside the TERRIBLE morning I was having in order to not only make it on time but also to be engaging and pleasant during the entire shooting process. A couple of other things went wrong during that shoot but overcoming that morning had my positivity coded in titanium. 

behind the scenes for fantasy portraits taken in toronto ontario canada during sunset

Now, those are only a couple of examples but I'd hope they can help in sparking the match for you. So, to sum it all up, you can pout and linger in negative situations, or you can pull the back the curtains and let the light in. 

I am super proud of that metaphor.


P.S. Here is a short video I did recent highlighting this topic. I also include video footage of day 2 and what my mentality was like going into that photoshoot. Its definitely worth the watch! 

michael costa