Bartholdi's Sunbathed Apprentice

Model: Gabriela Fay

MUA: Avgenia Ruban

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Camera: Nikon D750

Lens: 50mm f1.4 & 24-70mm F2.8

The Design

Bartholdi's Sunbathed Apprentice: In 1986, Bartholdi's copper angel was revealed to the world. A symbol of independence, freedom and self-rule. What most don't know, is that she is real and she is alive. A protector of the very things that she symbolizes. Although with all of the sadness and depression in today's society, she needs an escape. As the sun departs from the city's horizon, she vacates her copper housing and embodies a human form. The sun set acts as an hour glass, allowing her to roam free of not only her motionless shell but also of her responsibilities.

Concept: This past summer, I found myself in the lively and hectic city of New York. On the third evening I was standing over the Brooklyn Bridge, admiring the sunset. Here I was starring off into one of the most beautiful sunsets I'd ever witnessed, and there, standing alone on the water, was the statue of liberty. In the distance it was small but present. In that moment, everything slowed down. The busy streets, crowded intersections and sirens quickly became nonexistent. The sun created a silhouette for the angelic like structure that had me lost for what seemed like hours. I wanted to create a character that could generate that same emotional response upon a glance. Did I accomplish it? Well, with the right culmination of music and images... yes. While developing the concept for this character, I had one song on repeat. That song was Asleep by The Smiths. The subtle windy SFX acting like a soft guide bringing me back to that bridge, that moment, that feeling. Its funny, but the image that provokes this response the most is the one sitting to the right of us. A blurry portrait with only the hand in focus. Why? When looking off into the sunset. The distant statue acted like a magnet for my attention. Without my glasses it was faint but remained prominent as the sun bathed her with its warm tones. What a sight... what a moment... what a city.