We are in New York City! The Big Apple! The Empire State! The city so cool that they named it twice (New York, New York). The journey here was the longest I had ever embarked on (both by plane and car), and the last hour of it was so, so, so incredibly annoying. The 9 hour trip may have led to heavy midtown traffic and road closures but it truly hasn’t stopped impressing me since emerging from the Lincoln Tunnel.

After arriving and bringing our bags into the Airbnb we decided to grab a bite to eat. Hmmmm what is Brooklyn known for……. PIZZA! My mentality going was, “well its pizza… how good can pizza really be?”.  Let me tell you, THESE WERE THE BEST DAMN SLICES OF PIZZA TO EVER ENTER MY FACE! The slice on the left is a mac ’n cheese and to the right is a buffalo chicken slice. The surprising part to me was the crust! The crust was sturdy but oh so gentle, essentially acting only as a support for the godly substance laying upon it. A bottle of vanilla bean soda accompanied me on the journey through cheese, chicken, carbs and more cheese.

After eating gods work (Vinnie’s pizza) we decided to go for a walk to scout the area and pick up some groceries. We found some really cool spots that I am excited to shoot at this week. One of the coolest parts though was the gorgeous sunset resting on the avenue. 

We headed back to the Airbnb to drop off the groceries, watch a couple episodes of Dragon Ball Super, face time a friend and then tidy up before heading right back out the door. After a suuuuuper long and exhausting day we really didn’t have much left in the tank… but that didn’t stop us from walking 2.8 miles (4.5km). We stopped by a couple of bars/restaurants before finally arriving back at our Airbnb at around 1:30am!

Overall day one was a success. We achieved far more than we thought we would due to the commute and lack of sleep. I am so stoked to see what day 2 brings us as we intend to head into the heart of the city, Manhattan.