Spirit of Shadows

Model & MUA: Eilish Cashubec 

Location: Etobicoke, Ontario

Camera: Canon 5D Mii

Lens: 50mm f1.8 & 24-105mm F4

The Design

Spirit of Shadows:  An embodiment of every deep-seeded negative thought manufactured by humans. She was a being originally birthed by the gods with a human heart to understand and console humans. She was given the title, “Angel of Hope” and a white stroke was painted across her face to symbolize her ability to see the best in humanity. Unfortunately, the immeasurable number of thoughts revolving around depression, suicide, rape, murder and starvation were too heavy for her human heart. 

...but where is she now?

She lives in the shadows, where humanity’s endless dark thoughts and actions continue to play like a broken record. The white strip across her face has since been replaced with a black stroke as she has lost the ability to see hope in mankind. She only sees darkness.

Concept: Every day, the news reminds us of how cruel humanity can be to one another. I am no saint, but it hurts my heart to see children starving, people being raped and others either being murdered or taking their own lives. Children are brought into this world oblivious to its evils and are thus unaffected by its corruption. As we grow, we begin to witness the darkness our world has to offer and allow it to limit our imaginations and demotivate our ambitions. It was a sudden burst of suicides from youth that fueled this story and overall concept. This experience/set of images sparked the concept for the In My Head project.