Why Lifestyle Photography is Important

Why is it so important to present your products in a lifestyle setting? If you are a company just starting up, this may seem like an unnecessary expense. Trust me, it isn’t.

Hi, my name is Michael Costa and I am a commercial photographer based out of Mississauga Ontario.  My work consists of both studio and life style format commercial photography, but today we are going to focus on lifestyle. 

Do you find that you often want to see a band live after watching them play on TV/YouTube? You see the event space blowing up with lights and sound, the beautiful lighter waves birthed by slow songs and a group of hardcore fans screaming back every lyric. Not only are you listening to the music you love, but there is an experience there waiting for you. Here is another example. There are so many times when I just cannot make up my mind at restaurant. I look up and down those menus but nothing pops out to me. What ends up often influencing my decision is seeing the tasty looking food coming out of the kitchen and onto the surrounding tables. I don’t know, maybe I am a creep that way but the system has not let me down yet!

Toronto Mississauga Lifestyle Photographer tips and tricks for booking clients

Allow me to introduce Junk Food Co.’s Mac & Cheese Fries. I want for you to look at the image and take a wack at what makes it sooo much more appealing than the description. Go ahead… take a few moments…

Ok, My turn!

This image of mac and cheese fries is telling us way more than a single line of text could on a menu. What its doing is describing texture and mouth feel. The beautiful glossy and rich yellow cheese along with the gewy fork pickup is telling us that they don’t hold back the cheese on this plate. Then there are the fries, with its browned edges confirming a crispy bite and cajun spices assuring us that there is more to this dish than a pound of cheese. I also love the parsley sprinkled on top our cheese because it tells us that there is attention to detail.

Toronto Mississauga Lifestyle Photographer tips and tricks for booking clients
Toronto Mississauga Lifestyle Photographer tips and tricks for booking clients

It is arguably more important to demonstrate fashion/clothing in a lifestyle setting than any other industry. It tells the consumer who would where it, where they would wear it and how they could wear it. Above you will find photos from a couple different shoots I did for Midpine Collective, a fashion brand based out of North Carolina. The theme is nature and this sense of adventure. If you were to go through their Instagram feed, you’d quickly notice that this is a consistent trend across the board. This allows them to target a specific nitch audience that loves and lives that #adventurebound lifestyle. Midpine’s imagery and compelling dialogue speaks to and excites an audience while also providing this feeling of community.

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Midpine Collective: Website Instagram Junked Food Co. : Website Instagram

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