My Photos ARE NOT What Gets Me Long-Term Clients

The great thing about working with brands and corporations, is that if you play your cards right, you will attain a long term client. These businesses have so much going on, so to have one ‘go-to’ resource for pictures is not only a valuable asset but a reliable one. Businesses are attempting to automate as much as they can in order to free up their internal resources (staff). This is why you will often see the same photographer booking re-occurring gigs with big ticket clients, as they have essentially mentally automated the process, “Oh, we need new product photos done? Call *NAME* and see if he/she can come in this week”. Let me breakdown the top 3 things (aside from quality work) that I have found to be effective in booking repeat business.

Midpine Collective  - Apparel

Likeable & Experience Driven

Arguably the most important thing you can bring with you on a gig, isn’t stored in your camera bag. You need to have a good attitude. If you can come in and bring a positive energy, that will stick. Get people laughing and feeling good while you are on set. Having the ability to bring an experience to every shoot is an asset your clients will surely remember. your first time clients will want to invest in you in the long term because of your energy on set.

Junked Food Co.  - Restaurant & Catering

Junked Food Co. - Restaurant & Catering

Respect Timelines

This is a big one. You need to do more than stay on top of deadlines, you need to initiate them. Deadlines mean a lot to these companies and can impact an client’s KPIs. When you are in the discovery stage (intro call/meeting), ensure that you are clear on the post deadlines. Once you have a comprehension of when you need to complete the edits, do your best to finish a few days in advance.

If you are in a rare situation where the deadline is flexible or non-existent, then make sure to give them a forecasted date of completion. With that being said, always add a few extra days than you think it will actually take.

Your Little Secret  - Microblading & Lashes

Your Little Secret - Microblading & Lashes


Respectful & Interested

I still remember receiving an email for a shoot revolving around microblading. I had no idea what microblading even was! So no, it wasn’t necessarily within my realm of interests but man am I glad I took it. The following year, when my client started doing eyelash extensions and guess who she started calling for those photos? The best part is that she understands what I do and the importance of quality content. Its a two way street, and both of our businesses have benefited from it.

There you have it! The 3 tips I currently live by when trying to create business relationships rather then one-off gigs. Have tips that you think I missed? Shoot me a comment below and lets get the conversation started. Thank you for reading!