After searching for a park for 3 hours (due to rotational parking) the day commenced! We hopped on a subway that took us into the heart of Williamsburg. Task 1 you ask? EAT A RAINBOW BAGEL!!! I was very surprised to find out that the rainbow bagel has a vanilla flavour profile, which tasted fantastic with the Oreo cream cheese that the fine gentleman behind the counter recommended. 

After our follow up in heavens kitchen , we were off to see BRIDGES! Needless to say we covered a lot of distance on day 3. It only made sense to start with the Williamsburg bridge. I found it interesting to discover that the Williamsburg Bridge was actually considered ugly post completion. It wasn't common to have fully steel truss towers. The construction of the bridge was 2X quicker than that of the Brooklyn Bridge. Reason being was that while constructing the Brooklyn bridge they had quickly realized that they would require another bridge to keep up with the growth of the city (this also explains its steel truss towers). 

The picture above is actually from the ferry boarding terminal. We got on a ferry that would take us closer to the Brooklyn Bridge, while also passing underneath the beautiful Manhattan Bridge. This bridge has had a long history of issues and controversy. From architect changes, structural design flaws and even the painting of the bridge in the 1980's (from grey to blue).

Just like that we had arrived at the Brooklyn Bridge! We quickly discovered that this sexy leviathan would be the perfect spot to catch sunset. So after taking a few 'bangerz' at the dock, we were on our way.

It was only upon stepping onto the bridge that I really started regretting the decision to not bring my DSLR camera that day. My iPhone would never do justice to the brilliant sunset and architectural beauty that awaited me. From the first step onto the bridge I could feel that I was somewhere special. The culmination of the sunset's golden blanket and the bridge's structural beauty made for an amazing experience. This is when I  REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wish that I had brought my DSLR camera. 

The sun was setting and we decided to walk into town for a drink and a bit of urban exploring. Besides a tasty organic smoothie and a possible attraction for Wednesday that was pretty much it for that part of Brooklyn.  Me and Joe had been craving more of  Vinnie's pizza since trying it on day 1! The beautiful and dangerous thing is that Vinnie's is down the block from the Airbnb... needless to say I will need a few workouts to break even but it is sooo, sooo, sooooooooooooo worth it. 

After a few slices of what can only be described as 'pure happiness', we were getting ready for the bar (T-SHIRT TIME!!!... I hate myself). The experience so far has been amazing but there was one consistent issue, and that was that American beer  'a'int got nothin'
on Canadian beer. That is when I remembered that episode of 'How I Met Your Mother', when Robin goes to a Canadian bar located in New York! I found it! It was real! Although it wasn't named the 'Hozer Hut' as described in the show, but instead 'Ontario Bar'. Never in my life had I ever thought I would be so excited for a pint of Molson Canadian, but I was.

After a couple pints of Canadian and few games of Air hockey we called it a night. Overall a busy day but a good one. Amazing food, beautiful architecture and a little taste of home to cap off the night. Tomorrow we head back into Manhattan where we will visit the One World Trade Centre and the memorial for the twin towers. I may have a couple photoshoots lined up as well so tomorrow should be another jam packed adventure!