Hey! How you doin? Good to hear. I'm doing pretty good myself. Why is that you ask? I'm in New York this week and I'm loving every minute of it. Day 4 had arrived and it was a very exciting day. On this day we would commute to downtown Manhattan. I had confirmation for a shoot that afternoon but we had made it downtown with enough time to grab a 'Wayback' street burger and visit the World Trade Centre Memorial. This also gave us a great vantage point of the 'One World Trade Centre' as it is located directly beside the memorial.

Not much time had passed at the memorial before we needed to go and meet up with the model. So just like that we were Starbucks bound and thanks to a glorious birthday gift (Starbucks gift card) I had been chugging free drinks all trip. don't want to talk address much about this shoot as there will be a separate blog post focusing specifically on the shoots I did. In that blog I will also include 5-10 images from each shoot. (here is a tease).

After my shoot with Susannah, me and Jovian hopped in line for the Freedom Tower Observatory (One World Trade Centre). I wasn't sure how high up that elivator was going to take me but I knew that I was nervous. Before we knew it we had been consumed by the glass Goliath, and would soon be bathing in the clouds. The elevator was really cool, because it had a video wall displaying the progression in architectural development through out New York's existence.

Finally we had reached the 102nd floor  After a video presentation, the wall displaying the content rose and disappeared into the ceiling revealing a big view of the big apple. We walked around the observation deck for over an hour. I video called a couple of people including my Dad. For all of the criticism that our generation receives for its use of online socializing and communication, I must say the ability to Facetime with my father and share that experience with him was pretty rad.

After nearly laying a brick witnessing the gift shop prices, we were off. We had heard that China town is massive and that little Italy has some of the best food in the city. Sooo... China town. I didn't take many pictures in the slightly less condensed interpretation of the country. This was for a couple of reasons, (1) being that we were starving and just wanted to get to Little Italy and eat . (2) Don't get me wrong, the town is filled with character and culture. My issue was more so with the lack of cleanliness and hygiene within food service (why we decided to cut through to Little Italy).

After a long journey through the streets of china town we had arrived in little Italy. This place was adorable. String lights every where you looked and large red, white and green banners that hovered above the streets. Now that we were there we needed to find a bite to eat! The food was fantastic and in culmination with the view made for a great experience.

Me and Jovian had considered going to watch a show but decided to stick with a shoot I had been coordinating. This shoot was to be in Times Square and like the shoot that I had mentioned earlier, I will be posting a separate blog after the 7 day trip blog regarding all of the shooting I did. (Here is a taste of whats to come from the shoot)

After struggling to keep our eyelids open on the subway rides back, we collapsed on our beds and were out like lights. 

Day 4 was extremely memorable. To witness the memorial, freedom tower and then to actually do shoots in New York City was amazing. A truly incredible day for what was so far an incredible trip.