Top of the morning to you, and what a morning it was. I was up early as we needed to be out of the apartment by 12pm and I still needed to run laundry across the street. So, as Jovian laid there like a corpse, I headed to the Laundry mat. 

After doing the laundry there really was not much else to do but make one last trip to Vinnie's Pizzeria, before starting our 9 hour trip back to Canada. So I headed back, and woke Jovian up. It wouldn't be too long after that we would be saying our goodbyes to unit 210. The first image from inside was far to dark so I took an artistic approach with the editing style. I love it. 

Even in our final moments with Vinnie's Pizzeria, it had not failed to impress us. The Greenpoint pizzeria is and forever will be the best pizza that I have ever had. 

... And thats all she wrote kids. Soon after devouring our food, we were on the road back to Canada! 

After a 10 hour commute accompanied by an absolutely stunning sunset, a sleeping Jovian and a few road scares, we were home. As we pulled into familiar streets we both agreed that as spectacular as the trip was, we were glad to be home. I was excited to see the family and tell about the great sights I had seen. I was excited to edit photos and post them. But I was most excited to do this. To look over notes and culminate my notes with my images to create what ultimately may be blogs to you, but to me and Jovian these act as an echo to our experience. 

Thank you to anyone that took the time to relive this experience with me through these blogs and I hope that you enjoyed them. Ill finish on this point. Traveling to New York City was fantastic, but there are bigger trips ahead and I can't wait for what they hold in store.