Top of the mornin to ya! after a good 4 hours of sleep I was up and at it. It was that time of the week again where I needed to get my car off of the street for a  few hours. The reason for the rotations are to allow them to clean the streets. On different days they clean different sides of the street. So I was up, I was alert... ish and I was off.

I drove over to Manhattan Ave and did a paid a toll to park there until 11am. What was I going to do for the next few hours? Well grab a bagel, donut and coffee from Moe's of course. After receiving the necessities I sat by my car and worked away. I wanted to chip off as much of the blogs as possible. 

Eventually 11am rolled around and I got the closest park possible to the AirBNB. I went inside and started to prepare my bag for tomorrow morning. An hour had passed and my bag was good to go, I had showered and I cleaned the floor/fridge but Jovian was still asleep! In all fairness it was a super late night and he works overnight shifts so it's hard for him to adjust. Anyways with the extra time the world was mine! I decided to whip out the Sony a6000 and take some self portraits. 

It wasn't long after that when Jovian eventually woke up, got his a** out of bed and started getting ready. I found it hilarious how much I was getting done in the mornings while Jovian was out like a light. While Joe was getting ready I noticed that my Mom had sent me a FB message the night before, which was impressive because I didn't think that my Mother knew the app existed. After a short face time with our friend Ryan (@ryannloo94 on INSTA), we were on our way to the subway although not without one final Moe's run (local donut shop). As usual it did not disappoint. 

After hoping on a couple of subway trains we had finally arrived at Museum Station. We decided that we would first grab a quick bite at the Shake Shack. The food was great but we were on a super tight timeline with this being our last full day in the big apple. It was coming up on 3pm so I finished my burger and cheese fries while Joe finished his TWO milkshakes. 

I didn't know what to expect really. The beautiful suits of Armour, handcrafted weapons, marble sculptures and 18th/19th century paintings were amongst some of the most inspiring pieces I had ever witnessed. Now I had heard that there was a famous Vincent Van Gouh painting there (The Starry Night) and we found it, but the surrounding pieces were far more impactful and memorable to me personally. I found myself constantly pulling out my phone camera just to snap an image of the artist's name to view their work at a later date. I would've loved to stay an extra couple of hours but it was time to leave. The Museum was closing and we still wanted to make the walk through Central Park. 

The sun was setting as we entered the park, which made for great photos opportunities. I quickly whipped out the camera and took photos of everything from joggers to squirrels. 

We had been walking for a couple of hours and when we discovered that we had only covered about 25% of the park! This park was truly beautiful. Our objective was to get to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, and we didn't have much time so we were 'booking it' now. We passed by a few bodies of water that I had mistaken for the Goliath on the map. I was amazed at how small these smaller bodies of water were on the map in comparison to the Reservoir. "This thing must be massive", I kept telling Jovian. It was.

The image below could not even come close to being an accurate representation of how massive and special this was. Me and Jovian found ourselves in complete silence, as we observed the sun setting on the Reservoir & reflected on the trip we had. We must have stared off in silence for 15-20 minutes. Finally Jovian resentfully mentioned that we needed to leave then or we wouldn't make it on time to the Comic Strip. So, we left and conversed about the trip.

We had made it to the Comic Strip were I found myself kind of disappointed to be honest. It was cool to be where I had only last week seen Jerry Seinfeld on Netflix. I think that knowing the history and importance of the Comic Strip over hyped the experience for me, although the Comedy Cellar had a far stronger line up.

Eventually the show had come to an end and so had our last full day in NYC. We said our goodbyes to Agatha and made our way back to the apartment.

We would soon be opening our eyes to our final day in the city of dreams.