Hey! Day 5 had a late start. It was 12:30 pm when I finally rolled out of bed. we were excited for the day but it would have to wait as we needed a slice of Vinnie's pizza to bring us back from the dead. Of course, we needed the extra sugar boost that only Moe could provide, so we grabbed a couple of doughnuts before heading to lower Manhattan to visit the 'Dream House'.

We had arrived in on Church Street and had now realized that finding this place would be a bit more difficult than anticipated. You see, the lack of signage would have been fine if anyone in the surrounding area had at least heard of this place. Our search had finally concluded as I received a holler from Jovian Down the street, "Mike! I found it!". We must have walked by this place 4-5 times, although you couldn't blame us for it. As I approached Jovian he pointed at a small buzzer accompanied by a worn white label reading, "Dream House".  

I pushed the buzzer to only wait a few seconds before being buzzed in without any sort of response through the intercom. Me and Jovian gave each other a look of suspicion before finally opening the door and making our way up the tight and narrow stair case. We were quickly greeted by a young student volunteer, who told us that we needed to turn off our phones, take off our shoes before entering the exhitibt. 

For anyone that doesn't know (I expect that will be most people), the Dream House is a single room exhibit that is meant to deliver a unique experience through sounds and lights. I was going to include pictures that I found on the internet but I chose not to. I would like for this reflection of my time in the Dream House to paint the image rather than adding any photos. 


Upon Walking in, we had no idea that the exhibit would be held in a single room.  Although small, it would prove to be more than enough. As promised the culmination of lights and sounds made for what I would personally describe as an almost spiritual experience. Different spots in the room produced different frequencies, and so we walked, sat down and laid all around the tiny purple luminous room. We finally decided to leave. We left the room, grabbed our shoes and said our goodbyes to the student volunteer by the entrance. Me and Jovian discussed our time in the room. It was cool because although we interacted with the room differently, we were able to agree on one thing. It was an amazing experience.

Now, I had received intel indicating that Levain Bakery made "the greatest cookies". So without a doubt I was dragging Jovian along on this endeavour. There really isn't much to say here besides my intel has now earned a level of credibility only found within the secret service. The cookies were fantastic although after eating two of those cake sized pastries, Vinnie's pizza and Moe's Donuts I was left feeling like the Michelin man. So after much persuasion, I was some how able to convince Jovian that the one hour walk to Rockefeller was a good idea. It was.

The journey proved to be worth it. I mean the walk barley put a caloric dent in the carb littered behemoths that we had consumed that day, but it was an opportunity to internally reflect on the overall experience so far. On the way we passed Colbert's studio, Trump Tower and the world famous Radio City venue. Finally we had arrived! Upon walking in I heard a screaming fan yelling in the distance. "Hey! Can I take a picture with you!". I quickly realized that I was 3 feet from Craig Robinson and soon jumped in for a photo op myself. 

Me and Jovian had to be at the comedy cellar in a couple of hours, but were not leaving the Rockefeller without reaching the "Top of the Rock". The view from the very top was spectacular. The Freedom Tower had a higher vantage point but the view from here was more intimate. Instead of sitting above the skyline we were in it. The Island illuminated by city lights and structural behemoths.  There was only one spot left in darkness, and it was massive. Without thinking I turned to Joe and asked, "Whats that dark spot?". "Central Park", Jovian stated with a smirk. I was now excited for tomorrow as we would be making our way there after the museum.

The Comedy cellar was fantastic! There were 4-5 different comics that hopped on and each was funnier than the other. You know its a good outing when 4am hits and it feels like you just walked in. We got home around 5 in the morning and although we were exhausted, we were equally exhilarated about the day we had.